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        With a decade of experience with a national firm and the world's largest companies, Mark has developed the ability to provide results and value for clients in ways that large firms cannot. Mark strives to provide optimal value for each client using the best mix of vigorous, yet level-headed and targeted, advocacy for each occasion. And without a quota of billable hours to meet, clients can be confident that they are getting the most value for each dollar.


     Outside the office, Mark enjoys officiating basketball and soccer at many local schools. He also enjoys most music, sporting events, and traveling. If you are facing a legal problem, reach out at no cost to you. Waiting may not only limit your available options, but also increase the time and expense of getting there.


So, if you have a question, please contact Mark or another attorney right away.​

About Mark

     Mark returned home in 2020 to found Samsel Law LLC. His desire to help others and improve quality of life in our communities led him to Missouri Valley College and later the University of Kansas for his education. Upon graduating KU Law in 2010, Mark practiced civil litigation with Lathrop Gage LLP in Kansas City where he was privileged to work among the best lawyers and clients in the country.​

     While a partner with Lathrop GPM, Mark was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives, where he served four years on the judiciary, education, banking, and oil & gas committees. He served parts of Anderson, Franklin, Linn, and Miami Counties. Mark prioritized education, mental health, opportunities and sports for youth, and legalized sports gambling.

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